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Game of Thrones – The Game

Game of Thrones The Game follows first book of the Song of Ice and Fire saga. The game starts at the time when Jon Arryn, former Hand of King Robert Baratheon, has been found dead. In the game you can choose between two characters' classes – Alester’s and Mors whose original story has been canonized by George R.R. Martin himself to completely integrate the original story in the books. While playing Game of Thrones The Game, you will find references to books, locations, and characters of Game of Thrones saga in a form of genuine Westeros Encyclopaedia which can be consulted at any time.


How to setup RX6MWAP My setup

RX6MWAP PRO Mafia Wars autoplayer has a bunch of features most other scripts don't come close to. There are lots of ways to set up the script, it's all down to personal choice and your own game play, today though I will show you my setup which will  give you some ideas on how to get the best out of RX6MWAP.


FarmVille 2 Owl House

Owls are new farm helpers in FarmVille 2 game. Helper Owls can be used to speed trees and groves. Have a look at requirements needed to attract, feed, and use Helper Owls in FarmVille 2 game.


FarmVille 2 Night of the Owls Quest

Night of the Owls will be the next quest in FarmVille 2 game. Owls will be our new helpers on a farm and can be used to speed up trees. Plant special edition Fall Crops to attract owls to your farm. Read all about requirements needed to complete this quest.


RX6KamiDrone - How to set up RX6MWAP for a Mafia Wars Drone

Setting up RX6KamiLife in RX6MWAP is very easy to do, especially if you are already familiar with RX6MWAP. RX6KamiDrone is only available on PRO LIFE Subscription. Getting those mafia wars drones working for you can result in 1000's of skill points and 100's of FREE Reward Points. What's it worth to you? 


Games of Thrones Review Video

Game of Thrones Ascent, the Facebook game being developed by Distruptor Beam, has now entered open beta. While it is not an official launch yet, anyone can play the game now. There may still be a few bugs to iron out, but usually at this stage, the game is nearly complete.

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