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X Rebirth goes to Beta for Patching

Egosoft released a patch v1.18 for X Rebirth, but only for public beta version. Good job on testing things before releasing them to masses. Maybe they learnt from previous experience of releasing X Rebirth game as a public edition while it wasn't much fun.


Dex a Cyberpunk RPG

Explore the dark alleys of Harbor Prime and discover the truth behind an Event Horizon, a theory where artificial intelligence will prevail over those of humans. Do you have what takes to be a hacker?


FarmVille 2 Rocking Chair

FarmVille 2 Rocking Chair is the next building players will get in a game. It will help with farm decoration for the Holidays. Rocking Chair will introduce new tasks each week.


FarmVille 2 Rocking Chair Quests

FarmVille 2 Decorate for the Holidays is an upcoming feature, which will allow players to decorate their farm and spread the winter cheer. Every week will have new tasks for players to complete.


Humble Bundle Latest Weekly Sale

Humble Bundle Website has new games on its weekly sale. The sale started yesterday and Humble Bundle already raised over $80 000. The sale includes 6 games, and of course you get to set the price.


Fallout 1.5: Resurrection Coming Soon

Fallout 1.5: Resurrection is a Fallout 2 MOD which has been developed by a group of Czech fans. Those lucky ones that can speak Czech language can already enjoy the game, while the rest of us have to wait for the game to be translated to English.

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