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Rust game servers under DDoS Attack

For last few days Rust game servers have been under DDoS attack causing problems for developer and players alike. Server connectivity issues along with headaches is what you can expect from DDoS attacks.


Ostrich Island Facebook Game Review

Ostrich Island is finally available on Facebook. Adventure platformer, with elements of RPG game where player is an ostrich trying to escape beautiful islands. Fun and joy spread through the Ostrich Island for hours.


Bloody Streets a Zombie Shooter game

Bloody Streets is a PC game with lots of blood. This modern remake of top down shooter has zombies and fast paced arcade style action. I am not into a zombie games, but this one got my attention.


FarmVille 2 Ski Mount Leghorn Quest

Ski Mount Leghorn Quest is expected to arrive to a FarmVille 2 game within next 7 days. Gus has promised some of the local kids he would take them for skiing and we have to help him deliver his promises. Learn what is needed to complete all 8 missions of the Ski Mount Leghorn Quest.


How to Remove Cryptolocker

Cryptolocker is one of the new malwares that has infected some 250,000 Windows computers. This ransomware scrambles user’s data and then asks for a fee to decrypt the data within a limited time. Learn how to stop Cryptolocker.


Battlefield 4 banned in China

Chinese government banned Battlefield 4 over national security and said it is also a form of cultural invasion. Electronic Arts is really having a bad time with Battlefield 4 as problems just keep piling up.


Shocking Facts about Steam is often seen as a website where gamers can get awesome games for cheap. That fact is true, although cheap can often mean lack of gameplay quality. The biggest flaw regarding Steam website is currency change as it puts discrimination of users depending on which country they reside in.


Shooting With Pals Casual Game

Shooting With Pals is a bubble shooter game with a completely new concept. Awesome casual game for fun with friends or a pass time. Clear all the bubbles from a board within a given time and claim a victory.

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