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New Cradle Game Built Upon CryEngine

CryEngine seems to be the hot thing these days. Most RPG games that were successful on Kickstarter were built upon it. Cradle is no exception, though it could evolve into an amazing RPG game.


Skyrim Mods: Skyrim Redone

Skyrim Redone is the mod for a gameplay overhaul. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gets a completely new gaming experience with the SkyRe which lets player develop their character further.


The Future of Nintendo

President of Nintendo spoke of the company’s future strategies during its financial results briefing. There were a few interesting announcement such as attracting customers through smart phones.


Reasons to Play Video Games

Playing video games is not seen as waste of time anymore. For years gamers tried to prove how beneficial their favourite hobby can be, and the world finally starts to agree.

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