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Farmville 2 Later Cater Quest Guide

Cornelius needs help with wedding catering in the Later Cater Quest. He is falling behind a schedule and wants Farmville 2 players to help him get everything ready. Here is a full quest guide.


Farmville 2 Family Farm Quest Guide

Family Farm quest will be released at the same time as Family Farmhouse feature. According to Zynga that will be on June 26, 2014. We have found quest requirements so you can get ready in advance and complete tasks as soon as possible.


Farmville 2 Family Farmhouse Tips

Family Farmhouse will arrive to Farmville 2 on June 26, 2014. We have collected lots of information about the new feature and what it will be about. Teach your Sweetheart how to live on farm and have them help you complete the tasks faster.

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