RX6MWAP Update 3.3.31 SD Cover Story

RX6MWAP V3.3.31 Update - Mafia Wars New Secret District Cover Story. Complete the Ruby Mastery before 10/22/2013 11:59 PM PDT and get a chance to reset your progression and master this Secret District again.

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McLaren (aka KC) has been involved in coding Mafia Wars scripts since 2009, even when Zynga tried to stop him he would not give up. OCD Scripting RX6MWAP. If it's fixed, he'll bork it in some way or another.

Fav Sayings: "If it works, bork it!!"  "Keeeeeeeeeel everyone!"

Other than that, he works as an IT Consultant in Security, Web Design, Development, walks the rat dog 6 times a day and lives in Croatia with his beautiful wife.

Website: mwap.me.uk

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