About RX6NFS Wall Scrubber

RX6NFS is a script that scans for Mafia Wars posts on FACEBOOK. Depending on your settings, you will be able to automatically collect free gifts, help in wars, join operations, help on jobs, collect war rewards, collect daily take rewards and a whole lot more! RX6NFS, this version of our popular RX6NFS WALL SCRUBBER, runs on mwap.me.uk without the need for FACEBOOK.

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McLaren (aka KC) has been involved in coding Mafia Wars scripts since 2009, even when Zynga tried to stop him he would not give up. OCD Scripting RX6MWAP. If it's fixed, he'll bork it in some way or another.

Fav Sayings: "If it works, bork it!!"  "Keeeeeeeeeel everyone!"

Other than that, he works as an IT Consultant in Security, Web Design, Development, walks the rat dog 6 times a day and lives in Croatia with his beautiful wife.

Website: mwap.me.uk

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