FarmVille 2 Sheep Nursery Guide

Sheep Nursery will let farmers train sheep to teach them different abilities and choose different personalities. Similar to Goat and Rabbit Nursery, FarmVille 2 is introducing this Sheep Nursery to give us a way of raising unique sheep.


FarmVille 2 Ski Mount Leghorn Quest

Ski Mount Leghorn Quest is expected to arrive to a FarmVille 2 game within next 7 days. Gus has promised some of the local kids he would take them for skiing and we have to help him deliver his promises. Learn what is needed to complete all 8 missions of the Ski Mount Leghorn Quest.


FarmVille 2 Holiday Stocking Quest

Holiday Stocking quest has arrived just in time for Christmas. This is another limited time quest in FarmVille 2 game. Our guide lists all of the requirements needed to complete the Holiday Stocking quest.

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