Valve Steam Machines at CES

We knew Valve will show Steam Machines on CES 2014 and they haven't failed. Thirteen of those have shown presented with specs and prices. The reception went both ways, here’s why.


Bloody Streets a Zombie Shooter game

Bloody Streets is a PC game with lots of blood. This modern remake of top down shooter has zombies and fast paced arcade style action. I am not into a zombie games, but this one got my attention.


Shocking Facts about Steam is often seen as a website where gamers can get awesome games for cheap. That fact is true, although cheap can often mean lack of gameplay quality. The biggest flaw regarding Steam website is currency change as it puts discrimination of users depending on which country they reside in.


Steam Holiday Sale 2013 Started

Steam is offering some great deals this winter. Save money on games, gather trading cards, and earn rewards all at the same time. Autumn Sale ended just few weeks ago, but Valve doesn't stop to surprise us. Latest sale has brand new type of trading cards.

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