Crafting Games

Some of the best classic online games have involved crafting. This is a process in which the player collects a variety of resources. These are then put together to make other items. For instance, a game could involve chopping down a tree for wood and collecting sharp stones. A spear could then be built by using them.

Perhaps the biggest crafting focused game is Minecraft. Players can explore a seemingly infinite world created by others. The map of Minecraft is full of resources to collect. These are then crafted into useful items which allow the player to build their own unique structures.

DayZ is another excellent example. This survival game involves traversing through a post-apocalyptic world. To stay alive, the player must collect any useful items they can find. Crafting is an essential element for upgrading weapons.

Despite the popularity of these games, they can also be time-consuming. News sites such as Sky have reported that they can be addictive in nature. Therefore those who want to play them should be aware that they can be a time commitment. Their repetitive elements may also prove to be frustrating for some people.

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