Customisation is a big selling point for modern online games. Players can end up spending a significant amount of time controlling a character. They will enjoy their game more if they can change the look of the character model.

When people start a new online game for the first time, they will usually be able to choose the shape and structure of their character’s face. They can also pick their gender and ethnicity. The style and colour of the hair may also be customisable.

Grand Theft Auto Online is an excellent example of how developers can make their title more engaging through customisation. Players are given a large amount of freedom when it comes to the look of their character model.

The game also has a large number of different clothing items to try on. This includes suits, tactical armour and casual wear. However, to purchase these, the player must earn virtual currency by completing missions. This is a clever use of customisation as it encourages users to spend time playing so that they are rewarded. The success of GTA Online has meant that other online games are mimicking this tactic.

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