Facebook Games

Facebook is well known by millions of people as a social media site. It also has an abundance of playable games. Some of these are solo titles, whereas others are multiplayer in nature. Users can invite their friends to play with them.

Know-It-All Trivia

This game is perfect for players who want to show off their vast knowledge of trivia subjects. They can challenge all their friends to see who has the biggest brains. People who already enjoy playing online quizzes will get the most out of this one.


Colourful and exciting, Biotronic features a fast pace and plenty of artful animations. The game is somewhat similar to Tetris in both its look and function. It is ideal for fans of the puzzle genre, as well as people who like their games to be visually engaging.

Restaurant City

The fact that Facebook games are growing in popularity has been reported by the Guardian and other news sites. Restaurant City is one of the best examples of why this is. This virtual simulation of an eatery involves time management and customisation.

Zynga Poker

Poker is already widely played on a large number of online casinos. Due to the widespread prominence of this particular game type, it is not surprising that Facebook offers its own version. However, no real money is used. Instead, it gives players the chance to practice with more than 18 million other users.

Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars advertises itself as the best crime game found on Facebook. This can clearly be seen by the fact that 25 million users currently play it. The game takes place in a fictional version of New York. The main goal is to commit various crimes to become part of a powerful gang.

Word Challenge

This is an excellent game for any wordsmiths on Facebook. Players are given six letters and have to generate as many words with them as possible. The game shares many similarities with Wordle and Boggle.


Every day 11 million people play this virtual farming game. Asset management is a vital part of it. Players must build structures and look after different animals. Even though there are numerous games to be played on Facebook, Farmville has established itself as a firm favourite.

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