FPS Games

First person shooter is a game genre where the player sees the world through the eyes of a character. This often makes the experience seem more realistic. Over the years a wide range of FPS titles have been released. Some are set in the past, whereas others take place in a hypothetical future. The FPS format is perfect for online play because each user can only see from their own character’s perspective, thereby preventing any cheating.

Far Cry Primal

Even though the word “shooter” is part of the FPS genre, not all titles need to contain guns. They just have to focus on a first-person perspective. This is the case for Far Cry Primal, which takes place during prehistoric times. Players control an early human who must survive in the wilderness using rudimentary weapons such as stone spears.

Star Wars Battlefront

The Star Wars series has produced many different games. This one allows players to take part in some of the most famous battle scenes from the films. Battlefront has been praised for its graphics and exciting pace. If a character dies, then the player takes control of a new one. This means that the battle does not have to be restarted.


Few FPS games have had as big a success as the Halo franchise. It is actually set several centuries in the future. A war is being fought between humans and aliens. The main character is a super soldier called Master Chief who has a high amount of strength and stamina. Players use him to defeat waves of enemies utilising advanced weapons.

Left 4 Dead

Teamwork is an essential part of this online survival game. Players form groups and try to survive an onslaught of fast zombies. They have a limited amount of ammo but can make it to the end of a round if they use the right tactics. This is one of the more complicated examples of an FPS online game.

Wolfenstein; the New Order

This is set in a fascinating alternate history where Nazi Germany has taken over the world. A group of resistance fighters attempt to strike back and make society a less oppressive place. The game is full of steampunk imagery, as well as extreme violence. It has been praised for its excessive and fun action missions.


Overwatch helped to reinvigorate the genre thanks to its seemingly addictive gameplay. Players can choose from several unique and distinctive characters. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. As players progress, they can unlock new character and weapon skins. Team deathmatch is a popular mode because it allows each person to show off their skills. However, team-based modes are also enjoyed by a large number of people.

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