Levelling Up

For decades levelling up has been a crucial part of many video games. It can now be seen in many different types of online games. There are several reasons why developers continue to incorporate this into their titles.

The life of an online video game is not infinite. It cannot survive without a large number of players who regularly use its servers. Therefore, one of the biggest tasks of a developer is to encourage continuous play.

Levelling up is an ideal way to achieve this. When players see that their character improves and evolves the more they interact with the game, it encourages them to continue doing so. They can get a sense of satisfaction and achievement as they level up.

Several games also reward their players with individual items if they play for an extended amount of time. For example, PUBG gives out coins for completing challenges. These can then be spent on costumes.

One of the most significant reasons why people stop playing games is because after a while, they start to feel stale and repetitive. Level ups help to keep it fresh by introducing new abilities and enemies.

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