Nickelodeon Games

Nickelodeon is an American television network which specialises in children’s shows. Over the past two decades, they have produced some of the most popular programmes of this type. To advertise them, Nickelodeon occasionally creates themed video games that can be played on their official website.

The Great Nickelodeon Slime Rally

Based on the animated comedy show SpongeBob SquarePants, this game allows players to race across various maps, collecting slime ingredients along the way. Jumping is an essential element as there are many different obstacles to dodge. The difficulty rating will depend on the type of slime which is being produced.

The Loud House: Survival of the Loudest

At the start of this game, players can choose from one of the many characters seen in the TV show Loud House. They must then navigate around an open map which contains numerous enemies. This includes chattering teeth and suits of armour. Points are scored by picking up coins. If they walk into the path of a foe, then it is game over.

I Am Frankie; the Ibot Challenge

I Am Frankie is a drama series about a teenage girl who is secretly an android. The Nickelodeon game contains several different modes. This includes a stealth game where Frankie must cross a hallway and hide when she spys any security cameras.

There is also one level where she has to keep a basketball from falling into the hands of her opponents. Another recreates a fast-paced chase scene from the show. In the food fight mode, she must dodge various objects being thrown at her. All of these play modes involve using the mouse to click at the correct time.

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