Body Confidence in the Online Gaming Community

Gaming on a computer or console can be a lot of fun, with exciting challenges to be completed and a whole community of fellow gamers being readily available online to interact with and get to know. However, it’s also known that online gamers can often struggle with their body image, the games they play, and stereotyping from fellow gamers, constantly feeding into negative images of what one’s body should or shouldn’t look like. Continue reading for some advice on managing your body confidence when you’re part of the online gaming community.


While it’s often seen as a bit cheesy and can certainly be easier said than done, it’s incredible how far a bit of positivity can go. Especially for women or minority groups who game online, a lot of negative language can be used towards you when communicating with other players in a game, and it’s essential to try and counteract that as best you can. Little purpose can be served by allowing the negative language and opinions of others to get to us, so putting some words of positivity in our minds can assist in counteracting that and reframing our mindset. Some people can find it helpful to have positive quotes printed out and placed near where they play video games online or to set inspirational messages as their desktop background.

Changes for Yourself

It’s certainly true that we should avoid changing ourselves for the benefit of other people. However, many individuals struggle with their body image and positive affirmations or therapeutic methods aren’t always the most effective way of dealing with it. If the size of your breasts is something you struggle with and it impacts your mental health, for instance, then round breast implants from Motiva may be something you wish to consider. Safe and proven to be effective, round breast implants have become a routine cosmetic surgical option that many people around the world choose to undergo each year. Breast size can impact the mental health of women, particularly online gamers who stream themselves online and are in a prominent position for the public to be seeing their bodies. If it’s the best thing to do for you, then round breast implants from a reputable brand such as Motiva could be an effective way of boosting your body confidence and giving you the breasts you’ve always dreamed of.


Despite the often misplaced reputation of the online gaming community being toxic and full of sexism and other forms of abuse, many kind people also exist within the community. Being kind to someone each day can be a positive way of not only boosting the mood of whoever is on the receiving end but also your own. A verbal compliment can often go a long way in boosting the confidence of another person while also allowing you to feel good about yourself. Try being kind to someone while gaming online, knowing you’ve made their day that little bit better in the process.

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