Some of the biggest online games appeal to people due to their high level of modification. This is particularly true for titles which are released on PC. Console games tend to have a much more limited amount of customisation freedom in comparison.

When someone plays a PC game, they can check to see if other people have created a mod for it online. These can then be downloaded and used to manipulate and change the nature of the original game. For instance, some mods give weapons an infinite amount of ammo.

Other mods are much more elaborate and can involve adding completely original map designs and character models. Other times, brand new missions and quests are added. This is ideal for gamers who have already completed the primary story mode and want to continue playing.

Fallout: New Vegas

This game is set in an alternate history where the world has been ravaged by nuclear war. Players can explore a vast open world full of memorable characters, as well as dangerous enemies. News journals including the Independent have reported that this game continues to delight the gaming community.

The main reason for its longevity is the widespread use of mods. There is even an in-game player command console which allows users to modify elements without having to download anything from third parties.

Grand Theft Auto Series

This controversial but enduring franchise has affected the landscape of online gaming. When GTA IV was released in 2008, the modding community created several fun and inventive changes to the core game. For instance, improved graphics made the entire game world look as realistic as possible. This type of mod continued to be developed for all the other GTA titles which came out after IV. However, in 2018, Take-Two, the parent company behind the series sent numerous cease-and-desist notices to modders.

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