People enjoy playing games in the fantasy genre because it gives them an immersive sense of escapism. These games are often set in exotic, fictional realms full of adventure and magic. They also tend to be inspired by medieval history. For instance, swords and armour from this era are prevalent.

Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls series has been given positive reviews due to its rich lore. The best selling instalment was Skyrim, which depicts the adventures of a character called the Dragonborn. Players control this character and complete a large number of quests. Throughout their adventures, the Dragonborn encounters many different types of creatures. This includes giant spiders, trolls, wizards and vampires, as well as lizard and cat people.

These races and animals return in the online version of Elder Scrolls. This game has even vaster maps to explore. Players can tackle the various quests with their friends, giving this fantasy game a social element. At the beginning they can customise their character, choosing its appearance and powers.

As they progress through the world and complete new challenges, characters will level up and become more powerful. Players can choose which skill aspect to upgrade. For instance, some people like to focus on magic spells, whereas others want to make their weapon handling as powerful as possible.

World of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft was significant for increasing the popularity of online fantasy games. It has large servers which allow a high number of players from all over the world to engage with the game together in real time. Much like Elder Scrolls Online, this game also encourages socialisation. In fact, many quests are impossible to complete solo. Being able to assign the correct role and work together is essential.

The game is set in a world where two factions are always at war with each other. The Alliance is made up of good characters such as humans and dwarfs. Meanwhile, the horde is a collection of undead and evil beings, including orcs and zombies. When players start the game, they can choose which side to fight for. It is essential to choose the right faction as it will affect the areas of the map, which are restricted.

Over the years there have been several expansion packs which have entirely changed the look and controls of the original game. New characters and factions have made the story more in-depth and more complicated.

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